Space Shooter Starter Kit

Space Shooter Starter Kit is a easy to customize package that’s a great starting point for creating a fun space shooter game. Levels can be adjusted to last for a set amount of destroyed asteroids or until the player has been defeated.


Mobile Touch Game*
Touch and Mouse gameplay mechanics
Powerups – Score Counter – UFO’s
Automatically adjusts to any screen size
Sound Controller – No need to attach sound to gameObjects
Vertex colored models – Low memory useage (no textures)
Asteroids breaking into pieces**
Easy code – Well commented that’s easy to build upon
Works on Free and Pro versions of Unity
* Tested smoothly on Android Samsung Galaxy Tab™ 2 10.1
»» Samsung Galaxy Tab
**Small fragments is a single particle system generating 1 draw call


Everything in Demo (*Music not included)
3D text alphabet and models
Mobile Vertex shaders
Sound samples from pack “Retro Sound Effects”
»» Retro Sound Effects
Particle FX samples from pack “FX Mega Pack”
»» FX Mega Pack

»»» Single click or double click for movement. Hold to shoot. «««