chipOff Fracture System


High resolution 4096×4096 textures, UV mapped
Unique custom glass shader specially made for this project
Includes all materials, textures and models viewable in the demo.
Commented code to explain each variable
Control every aspect of the effect with ease.
• 1x Pillar model fractured into 100 fragments,
• 2x Wall Models (100 and 150 fragments),
• 1x ZombieStatue (21 fragments) all pre-fragmented to work with the system.


This project is one of my more indepth fragmentation systems, featuring many useful functionalities and optimized for using hundres of theese prefabs in the same scene. This was sold in a package on Envato with a limited use license, the package was sold to over one thousand Envato customers.

The optimization is achieved by merging all fragments to one mesh thus reducing draw calls from ~150 to 1 draw call, theese draw calls are very heavy on cpu usage in Unity3D.

I am planning a new release(1.2) for this system where I am adding several new models, new materials and  improved documentation. There is also a small frame rate spike issue with fracturing all fragments at once that I am working on, this is due to adding many rigidbodies in a loop and adding force to them all.


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Update Version 1.1 – 13.02.2012
Extreme performance increase (1040 draw calls to 40, on idle), this is a must have update.
Now it is possible to have hundreds of fractionable objects in a single scene at once!
«YouTube video preview» 160 pillars running smooth
«YouTube video preview» fracture floor
Updating previous versions should only require replacing scripts, no meshes or prefabs need to be replaced.



All models are pre-fragmented, it is not possible to fragment a mesh directly in Unity.
Zombie model is made from a free model




 1 – Maximum force put on fracture fragments when chipped
 2 – Minimun force put on fracture fragments when chipped
 3 – Scales fracture fragments after chipped
 4 – Delays fracture fragments from colliding with other fracture fragments
 5 – Disables fracture fragments after chipped, 0 never disable. (seconds)
 6 – Disables rigid body after chipped, 0 never disable. (seconds)
 7 – Disables collider after chipped, 0 never disable. (seconds )
 8 – Delays effect from start and reset. (seconds)
 9 – Rotates randomly when hit (random degrees * fracture.hitPoints(0-1))
 10 – Chips fracture fragments on collision magnitude (0 disabled, 5 good, 25 max)
 11 – True > chips all fracture fragments from base if one is chipped
 12 – High performance may want to enable shadows
 13 – High performance may want to enable shadows
 14 – Easy change material on fracture fragments
 15 – Change material on chipped fracture fragments
 16 – Attach a particle emitter from project, this will spawn on ever chip
 17 – Delays spawn of the particle emitter
 18 – Add clones of each fracture fragments when chipped (increased effect)
 19 – Each fracture fragments mass
 20 – Adds physic material to each fragment, can be null
 21 – Experimental alteration of normals
 22 – True will trigger fracture fragments to chip on mouse over
 23 – Amount decreased from fragment
 24 – Adds “chipOffBase” script to the base making it clickable to reset fragment