Toon Character Pack

Toon Character Pack is a collection of low poly characters with example scripts and effects. The UV’s are set up so that it is easy to create new textures.


Toon Character Models
366 Tris (Base Mesh)
30x 2048x2048px Textures
Transparent Toon Shader (Ninja)
Unity 5 ready

Update 1.6

Added Archer Girl Model & Texture
Added Girlie Girl Model & Texture
Added Zombie Girl Texture
Improved Male Zombie Texture(Old included)

Update 1.5

Gravity now applies
Added Girl Model & Texture (working on more)
Added Wizard Model & Texture
Added Evil Wizard Model & Texture
Added Knight Texture

Update 1.4

Added Convict Texture
Added Santa Claus Model & Texture
Added Elf Model & Texture
Added Snowman (can’t move hands)

Update 1.3

Added Decapitation and Head Explosion
Added Cop, Chef and Fireman Texture
Added Blinking

Update 1.2

Added Ragdoll to Prefabs* +Control Script
Added Floating Ragdoll example (Astro)
Added Undead Yeti Texture
Added Decapitated Prefab +Control Script
Added Pirate Texture
Added Camo Ninja Texture
Added Pumking Head Model and Texture
Fixed File Names
*Ragdoll can be though on mobile

Update 1.1

Added Rumbo Texture

Important Update Notes
Rename “RagdollController” to “ToonCharacterController”